Skin Care Tips

Bionyx welcomes you to a world of luxury and decadence with our platinum inspired skin care products and collections. Our products strive to cater to customers who wish to defy the signs of aging and recreate a youthful appearance as well as those who wish to enjoy a decadent spa experience from the comfort of their home. The ingredient that makes Bionyx products stand out is platinum, a precious metal well known for offering a luxurious anti-aging experience and beautifying properties.

Platinum was always in high demand when it came to jewelry, but like many other exotic metals, this wondrous element has also found its way into the world of skin care. The skin is known to have an ionic buffer zone which locks in the moisture and protects from the damage caused by free radicals. One side of the zone is composed of negatively charged electrons, while the other side features a positive charge. Things like stress, pollution and sun damage wreck the balance between positive and negative, which makes the buffer ineffective and leaves the skin vulnerable. Experts believe that platinum can help in reestablishing this electrolyte balance, thereby assisting in protecting the skin and boosting moisturization.

How to Use
Exact instructions on how to use Bionyx products can be found on the back of on each product box. In addition to product boxes, directions on how to use the product and ingredient information can also be found along with the product descriptions on this website. Bionyx recommends you to consult one of our beauty consultants to create a skin care regimen which takes your skin type and skin issues into account and suggests the best products for your skin. All our consultants are highly trained skin experts, and they can really help you in selecting the perfect solutions for your skin care regimen.

Beauty Tips
There are a few beauty tips that are important for any skin care regimen. These tips help you make skin care more effective and enjoyable and let you fully enjoy what luxury anti-aging skin care treatments have in store for you.

  1. Cleansing. Make sure that you apply your skin care products over freshly cleansed skin.
  2. Product application. Lighter products should always be applied before the heavier ones. This means that a serums always go before a moisturizer or cream. The lighter serum can sink in quicker and a cream will lock the serum into skin.
  3. Masks before everything else. Always use facial masks right after cleansing the skin. Apply serums and moisturizers after you complete your mask treatment.

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