Loyalty Program

The exclusive Bionyx loyalty program has been specially designed for loyal customers of Bionyx. Joining this program makes those loyal to our brand privy to special deals and prizes, and also offers 20% off on all Bionyx products.

Bionyx strives to offer customers the finest skin care experience. Our products have been crafted using the best skin ingredients to leave behind a beautiful result without making you compromise on enjoying a spa-like feel. If you’ve really seen a transformation in the way you look after trying out Bionyx products, the best way to enjoy the complete Bionyx experience is to become a member of our exclusive loyalty program.

Joining our loyalty program opens you up to a range of exciting features and exclusive benefits such as –

  • 20% off on Bionyx products and collections
  • Exclusive promotions, savings and discounts on Bionyx products
  • Access to complimentary expert advice and beauty tips
  • Members only specials and seasonal offerings
  • First look at new and limited edition products
  • Complimentary VIP Bionyx facials

To join the Bionyx loyalty program, all you need to do is fill out the form below. One of our Bionyx representatives shall get back to you with more information at our earliest availability.


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  1. 9
    Karen Jennings

    I purchased some products at a recent ASD show and I love the results. I am interested in the milk cleanser and day moisturizer.

  2. 10
    Natalie A Sloot

    I purchased your platinum line filler at a reduced price at a home show in Salt Lake City and am already impressed. I would like to start using your eye cream and am interested in promotions so I can continue to use your product.

  3. 12
    Connie Largess

    Have been using the products for approximately a month now and LOVE them especially the eye serum. Found them in the mall when they stopped me at one of the kiosks. I never stop at these but for some reason the salesperson was very persuasive. I loved the eye cream on contact.

    Still very happy with the products after over a month and a half of using them.!!

  4. 14
    Barbara Scott

    I was introduced to Bionyx by a lovely lady from Isreal who had a kiask at the local mall. I was AMAZED at how well this product worked… BETTER than a spa treatment. When I ran out, I returned to the mall to find her kiosk gone and panicked! OH MY…. what now? Thank GOD I could find it on the net. I am 66 and no one believes it! I owe that to BIONYX! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

  5. 21
    Holly Du Frane

    I made some big purchases in Las Vegas at the HEALTHCON convention, and wow, do I love these products. I’m 59 years old and my skin looks great! I for sure want to be a part of the loyalty program.

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