Frequently Asked Questions

Bionyx understands just how important skin care is for you. We also understand that you’re bound to have all sorts of questions and things to consider when it comes to choosing products that are perfect for your skin. This FAQ section lets you find answers to some of the most common skin care questions that have been troubling you. So before starting off with your Bionyx regimen, make sure that you go through our FAQs page. And don’t forget – you can always get in touch with Bionyx and talk to our skin specialists for expert opinions on the best treatments, anti-aging products or body care products for your particular skin needs.

Question – How long does it take to start seeing noticeable improvements in my skin?
In most cases, you should start feeling a major difference right away. However, Bionyx recommends you to stay loyal to a product for 6 – 8 weeks, before judging the kind of benefits it offers your skin. You may feel a difference within the first few weeks, but most any types of skin products will take several months to bring about a marked improvements in the skin.

Question – How do I decide which Bionyx product to choose?
Bionyx features a wide range of platinum based products that cater to different skin needs. Each of our products has been specially formulated to offer the best possible treatments to different aspects of your skin care. This is why, we recommend that you choose a comprehensive Bionyx skin care regimen. You can find out information about different Bionyx products on our website to understand whether it suits your skin issues or your skin type. You could also get in touch with us and talk to our skin specialists for an expert opinion on which products to choose.

Question – Why does the eye area need specific products? What products do you suggest?
The skin around our eyes is the thinnest on our body. It gets subjected to damage from UV rays on a daily basis and also tends to start showing the signs of aging earlier than usual. This is why you need specially formulated products for your eye area. Bionyx recommends you to take a look at the Platinum Advance Eye Cream, the Platinum Intense Eye Serum and the Platinum Facial & Eye Mask Routine for your eye care regimen.

Question – Why do I need a day moisturizer as well as a night cream? Why not choose the same product for morning and night?
During the day, skin needs products that are lightweight and deal with protection and defense from irritants and stressors of the day. This means that day moisturizers primarily concentrate on preventing free radical damage and UV damage. They contain ingredients which protect the skin from these issues and are also known to be lightweight and non-greasy to prevent your skin from looking oily. On the other hand, your skin needs products that help with rejuvenation at night. Since sun damage is not an issue at night, it is all about rectifying the damage caused throughout the day. Moreover, skin naturally rejuvenates and renews itself at night. This is why night creams are usually heavier and contain ingredients which work towards repairing and restoring the skin while you sleep. Many night products also contain certain ingredients which can make your skin sensitive to the sun’s rays. This means that they can only be used at night.

Question – What products would you recommend for skin exfoliation?
Bionyx has a unique product for cleansing your skin and removing dirt. The Platinum Complex Facial Peeling has been designed to offer the ultimate cleanse through a powerful, yet extremely gentle, peel which removes the dirt build-up from your skin and leaves it feeling clean and radiant.

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