Choosing Platinum Skincare

New types of ingredients and ingredient combinations for skin care products are constantly being developed, to help people get flawless and youthful looking skin. The quest for youth never seems to go out of fashion, and brands have been enlisting the help of different types of ingredients to cater to the ever-increasing demand for products that erase the signs of aging and leave the skin feeling beautiful.

One of the latest ingredients that people are turning to, is platinum. Precious metals have started becoming more and more popular as ingredients in skin care products, and it’s not just because of the level of luxury they bring along with them. It might be a bit early to determine the full effect of metals for the skin, but early studies show a lot of promise with regards to the kind of wonders they offer.

Most people look at platinum as a way of regaining their luminosity. With celebrities across the globe vouching for the ingredient, the shining metal has managed to capture the attention of mainstream news as well. Traditionally, platinum is considered to be a metal which represents grit and unwavering determination. It symbolizes hard work and this makes it all the more appealing in skin care.

However, platinum also has so much more going for it. Since platinum is known to be extremely catalytic, it can increase the rate of chemical reactions, and participate in multiple chemical reactions at the same time. Platinum has also displayed excellent antioxidant properties and is believed to support tissue regeneration and DNA repair as well.

A study that was conducted by researchers working for the University of Tokyo, Japan and published in the Mechanisms of Ageing and Development Journal, confirmed that platinum nanoparticles mimic an enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of hydrogen peroxide. The authors of this study examined various types of data in order to determine the survival benefit of worms through platinum nanoparticle treatment. The results of this study showed that platinum nanoparticle treatments helped the worms in negating oxidative damage and recovering their shortened lifespan.  Thus, they concluded that platinum nanoparticles could help in prolonging the lifespan of a worm, irrespective of dietary restriction or the ability to withstand hot conditions. When translated for human use, it implies that nano-platinum may have highly interesting anti-aging properties.

Another study that was published in the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology examined the antioxidant properties of platinum. The authors investigated the antioxidant capabilities of nanoparticles of platinumagainst different types of oxidative stress by treating the ingredient on tissues or liver cells. The results showed that platinum nanocolloid managed to bring about a major reduction in the production of nitric oxide and free radicals, while inhibiting hydrogen peroxide-induced cellular damage as well. Thus, the study supported the thesis that platinum nanoparticles offered antioxidant properties and protected the body against hepatic cellular oxidative damage.

Although studies concerning the use of platinum for the skin are still in their nascent stages, Bionyx believes that as more and more studies are completed, the benefits that platinum has to offer to the skin shall become evidently clear.

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