Bionyx – The Platinum Standard

Pre-Columbian and Ancient Egyptian civilizations had  named platinum as an extremely important element, but its discovery was attributed to Spanish conquerors from the 17th century. The name platinum has been derived from a Spanish word platina, which literally translates to “little silver”. Scientists recognized platinum as the 7th existing element in the year 1751 and its importance has been increasing ever since. However, since platinum production required complex techniques which weren’t available until the end of the 19th century, it was only recently that the world began to discover all sorts of wonders that this rare element had to offer.

Resistant to wear and tear and tarnish, platinum became a super hit in jewelry and electronics. It was traditionally considered to symbolize endurance, grit and never-ending determination, and this also made it extremely popular among cultures across the globe. The element soon found a place in mainstream news as well, once it was discovered that platinum also had all sorts of benefits to offer to the skin.

Man’s quest for anti-aging has been eternal, and platinum has emerged as the hottest new ingredient that can further our anti-aging efforts. In fact, studies have confirmed that platinum nanoparticles have an unusually high absorption rate when attached to active anti-aging ingredients and can also penetrate deeper into the skin. It is theorized by many scientist that this is what allows platinum to offer even better youth-renewing results and keep the skin feeling moisturized and hydrated for longer.

Complexes that are made using platinum have become popular as cancer treatments. Some studies even indicate that platinum can be highly effective in treating skin issues which involve accelerated cell growth, certain allergies and issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.

To make the best use of platinum and its outstanding skin bonding benefits, experts at Bionyx distilled its rare pleasures into anti-aging products to offer customers some of the best and most advanced solutions of this decade. Elizabeth Taylor once said that big girls need diamonds, but turns out that that they just might need platinum instead, to turn back time.

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