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Bionyx brings you a luxurious range of skin products that transform the way you look at skin care. By adding colloidal platinum into the products, Bionyx ensures that skin care isn’t just beneficial, but is something to look forward to. Colloidal platinum’s natural anti-oxidant properties help improve the skin’s elasticity and hydration, ultimately restoring skin’s balance. The benefits of the precious metal and the other high quality ingredients contained in this collection help you achieve younger, smoother and more beautiful looking skin.

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In our quest for eternal beauty, Bionyx took inspiration from colloidal platinum to create exclusive age-fighting solutions that can further your efforts in looking more youthful and help boost your skin care routine. The combination of colloidal platinum and other beneficial skin care ingredients makes Bionyx products unique. Discover the ingredients used in our product formulations to understand why Bionyx might just be the missing ingredient in your everyday skin care regimen.

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I have suffered from HUGE pores and acne issues all my life. This was before I realized that my biggest issue was that my skin was very dry, which always put my oil glands into overdrive. A friend recommended Bionyx products, and I am very happy with the results. Pricy products, but no regrets! I use the day moisturizer every morning right after a shower, and within one week, my pores look smaller. The moisturizer also brings about a nice glow and makes those super huge pores less noticeable.

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I was using a drug store serum for the past few years, but it didn’t seem to offer anything special. Finally decided to try switching to a luxury product, and came across Bionyx. I am so happy to have chosen this brand, because in a week, my skin looks so much better. The wrinkles seem diminished and the face has a beautiful glow that just makes my day every morning. Make sure that you order your product quickly. I’m sure this will sell out fast.

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I usually get my peels done at a spa, but this has turned out to be so much cheaper and better. Yes, the product is quite expensive, but it lasts you for a really long time. So I am sure it is cheaper in the long run. One of my biggest complaints with at-home serums was that they always led to burning and redness. However, this particular facial peel is extremely gentle on the skin. It actually exfoliates more skin than a spa session and leaves my face feeling refreshed and glowing. No redness or irritation. LOVE THIS PRODUCT.

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I have almost always had puffy eyes and I have tried so many products, to no avail. Nothing ever seemed to help. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical when I first came across Bionyx, it just sounded too good to be true. But, this stuff actually works! I bought the cream a week ago, and use it every morning. Just dab it a little around the eyes, and the skin looks healthier already. The puffiness as well as the fine lines around my eyes seem lesser. YAY.

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    Rodney Whiddon

    I am very impressed with how the salt scrub and body butter take the dead skin right off my body and make it feel and look amazing.. i was introduced to the product when i was walking through the mall and this young man pulled me aside and aloud me to try some of the salt scrub. I fell in love with it then.. but after I purchased it i really thought I would regret it. But I waited a couple of days and gave it another try and I am really impressed… I feel like I’m treating myself every time I use it. Thank you

  2. 4

    I had came accross that product at the arizona mills. The sales people was very nice and the products where unbelievably good!! I had bought all the products shown to me!!! It was not cheap but worh every penny!! Now, after using the products for the last 6 month i get compliments on my skin anywhere i go!!! I recommend to everyone

  3. 5

    I bought the Platinum Line Fuller and the Platinum Intense Eye Serum at a trade show for $400 and they threw in the Platinum Vita Night Recivery and the Platinum Essential Day Cream for free. I LOVE this stuff. When she put the line filler on me I really wasn’t expecting much but when I saw my husbands face and he said how well it worked, well I was sold. I only use the filler and serum once a month and my eyes stay bag free all month! Highly recommend!

  4. 7

    Oh my gosh! I was completely amazed that Bionyx platinum Line Filler completely took away all the wrinkles around my eyes!!!!!!!!! Not to mention that the Elevated Facial technology rid the puffiness on my cheeks around my nose, (which made the lines disappear). I LOVE this product and cannot wait to try more. BTW: product representative Ben Levy was so nice, helpful and informative.

  5. 9
    Roberta knauf

    Purchased the platinum I serum and need to know what your return policy is I am seeing absolutely no difference after the two-week period.

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      Hi Roberta,

      Skin care products typically require about 8-10 weeks of consistent use before results are visible. We would encourage you to continue using the product for a few more weeks before making your decision.

      Thank you,

  6. 11

    My wife has been a long-time user of Truffoire skin care line , recently some of her friends have switch from Truffoire to the Bionyx Platinum skin care line. Through the month of December all my wife talked about was this new bionyx skin care line and how she was dying to try it out. To my surprise while at the denton texas mall shopping for my wife a Christmas gift I ran into a Salesman who was selling the bionyx skin care line immediately I purchase my wife the Platinum Essential Day cream and the Platinum line filler not going to lie it come with a hefty price tag but anything to make my wife happy I could not wait to see her open her Christmas gifts and try her new products! I am very sad to report after less than a week the Platinum Essential Day Cream pump stopped working and the Platinum line filler my wife could never get it to come out of the bottle . I went back to the mall to speak with the salesmen to see if he could replace my purchase with new product sadly he was only there for the month of December and has now moved and I cannot find him , When I purchased the bionox from the salesman spending over $1,300 the salesman gave me around five or six samples to give to my wife for her to give to her friends to try there product. Sadly through the month of January this is what my wife has been using the sample packets lol and she loves the product.. You don’t know how disappointing it is for your wife to be so excited about a product have it in front of her and not be able to use it is very annoying and she loved the liitle bit of bionyx Platinum Essential Day Cream that she did get to use . NEVER in my life did I think she would ever switch from the Truffoire skin care line lol then she meet Bionyx. I’m sure she would continue with bionyx if she could get it to come out of the bottles. Sincerely AJ Collins

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